Hey There, From Jon and Alison at Little Llamas!

Hi friends! We're Jon and Alison, the heart and soul behind Little Llamas Boutique right here in sunny St. Pete. Our journey from photographing fish and families to launching this boutique is one filled with love, creativity, and a deep connection to our roots here in St. Pete. But it's more than that - it's about creating a sustainable future for fashion, one adorable outfit (and one reused gem) at a time.

From a Passion for Photography to Fashion

Picture this: Alison, knee-deep in a career as a fisheries biologist, starts capturing the beauty of nature and families through her lens. And me? I'm out there, creating waves in the fishing and boating industry with a camera or a fly rod in hand.

Our journey to Little Llamas might seem a bit unconventional. Alison’s leap from the marine world to capturing life’s moments through photography led to a profound love for children's fashion. For me, Jon, a path from tech and fishing to entrepreneurial ventures has been thrilling.

But together, we found our true calling in creating a space that mirrors our shared values and vision.

"The absolute cutest baby store I’ve ever been in!! Owners, Alison & Jon, are simply amazing and love what they do. The clothes are top notch, adorable, and unique!!"

-Maria N.

Why 'Little Llamas'?

You might wonder about the name. Well, llamas have always been a favorite in our household – quirky, fun, and just a bit different, just like us. And when our son formed an unbreakable bond with his stuffed llama, the name just clicked. It’s our little nod to the things we cherish, including our commitment to sustainable living.

Our Mission

A Boutique with Heart (and a Conscience)

At Little Llamas, we believe in clothing that tells a story – a story of sustainability, quality, and joy. Our collections are handpicked, featuring exclusive, eco-friendly brands that share our ethos. And we've taken it a step further with our second-hand section – a treasure trove of pre-loved items that deserve a new adventure. We see fashion as a cycle of love, care, and responsibility, and we're here to make that cycle go round.

What makes Little Llamas special?

It's a mix of exclusive, eco-friendly brands you won't find anywhere else in Tampa Bay, our dopamine-inducing style, and a store vibe that's as lively as a family get-together. Plus, our second-hand section is a treasure trove for sustainable fashion finds. Oh, and let's not forget Noah, our friendly golden doodle mascot!

What People Are Saying

Really loved this place, unique clothing and all sustainable and well made!



Alison has curated a phenomenal collection. Visit ASAP, you won’t regret it!!!



So happy to have a new place as my go-to for my son’s clothes!


Momma Llama

This shop is absolutely delightful, and so is owner Alison. She helped my mom and me find the cutest, softest, high quality clothes for my sister’s new baby.



Step into our world of sustainable style at Little Llamas Boutique. We're so very excited to meet you and your little llamas!

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